Project Runway : Women (and designers) on the Go!



Project Runway

designers started the day at the

Michael Kors

showroom where they were greeted by Michael and Tim who challenged them to design and create a look for the modern girl - the "Women on Go." Right away things went down drama lane as

Tim Gunn

informed the designers that their co-competitor

Andrea Katz

was out of the competition. She left in the middle of the night without word. The first 30 minutes of the show was centered around gossip and opinions about why she left. It was frustrating and entertaining at the same time.


Within those 30 minutes


had an announcement of his own...


"I'm a little weird," announced Kooan. [No shit!] Realizing that he was out of his league, Kooan announced that he was leaving the competition. Kooan displayed more respect to the group and himself than Andrea did by at least letting them know he was pulling out rather than cowardly leaving in the middle of the night while everyone was asleep.


Cry baby Nathan had a mini-meltdown and tried to quit too.


Tim Gunn found Squiggy from Laverne & Shirley hanging out in the Parsons hallway and invited him to join the cast of designers.



may be kind of an ass, but he's a damn good designer. I hope he turns up the wow-factor dial and stop playing it so safe.



Melissa Fleis

created one of the best looks yet it didn't even place in the top three. Her layered, avant-garde design was well constructed, ambitious and the most innovative of the group.


The judges, specifically Michael, pointed out the disparity in styling between


personal style and the look he created. He's right. Fabio's look does not represent him. And it's poorly constructed. And ugly.


was singled out as the most skilled designer of the bunch. He impressed Tim Gunn in the work room when he pointed out the dress he was making was a whole piece of fabric with only one seam. The judges liked his look but wished he had used red fabric (or any other color) for that wow-effect.



Raul Osorio

nearly went home again! He showed us that his skills and talent are moderate. He was in the bottom two. No surprise.


There's a difference between tacky and funky.


proved she is enormously tacky, the judges agreed and sent her packing. Even her model, as evidenced by her facial expressions, felt ridiculous in that get-up. What's very unfortunate [for Buffi] was that

Christopher Palu

recognized the pink chiffon/zebra print disaster in the making and offered his spare fabric, black chiffon. She not only refused but was offended.

What a tacky dumbass...


Sonjia Williams

won the "Women on the Go" challenge. It seemed a close call with Christopher's look. They were both smart, stylish, easy to wear dresses. Sonjia is talented and I'm happy for her win. The only criticism I have about both dresses is that I don't like the gathered, drapey fabric on the skirt. The outfits don't need it. In fact, they detract from their style and devalue their chic quality.


bitch slap

of the week goes to Andrea Katz for shamefully quitting Project Runway. As the oldest member of the cast, as a professional and as an educator, her actions were disappointing.