Project Runway with the Rockettes!


Tim Gunn


Heidi Klum

high kick it with the NYC


- how cute is that! The seven

Project Runway

designers met up with them at Radio City Music Hall to learn of their next challenge which included sequins, spangles, beadwork, fringe and two visits to Mood...

Debra Messing

served as the Project Runway guest judge.  The winner of the challenge will have their design produced and worn by the Rockettes.

Now that's worth a few high kicks!


The two big problems with Sonjia's outfit are functionality and the lack of sex appeal. The feathers would not survive a season of wear and the costume, overall, was kind of blah. It lacked sparkle and pizazz. Sonjia was in the bottom, but safe.


Fabio was safe. I really like the metallic shimmer of his costume but didn't care too much for it's style. It looked more Gladiator than Rockette.


Elena came very close to going home with this shiny blue majorette -esque looking outfit. The judges said it was too matchy matchy and looked cheap. Elena wept.


I didn't care for Melissa's costume at all. The judges didn't give her the lowest scores but they too had their issues with it. Take away: model looked like a "cigarette girl."


Michael Kors

said if you dropped the skirt long, Dmitry's outfit could be a red carpet dress. The judges loved it [as did I]. It was very sparkly, provided outstanding movement from the beaded fringed skirt and had loads of visual appeal. Dmitry didn't win the challenge but it was a very close call.


Goodbye! Adios! Auf Wiedersehen!

YES I am happy to see Ven Budhu go home! Now he's free to design all the "origami" rose corsets for super skinny women, forever if he wants...


Christopher Palu, who was adorably star-struck with guest judge Debra Messing, was ecstatic to win the challenge. The judges unanimously agreed that his costume was stunning, beautiful and sophisticated. They especially loved the concept of integrating the iconic NYC skyline into the design. Perfection.