Michael Kors exits Project Runway; Zac Posen enters.

[caption id="attachment_18518" align="aligncenter" width="478" caption="ZAC POSEN at the NBAF Fashion Show at Neiman's Atlanta. Photo by Ninh T. Chau."]



Project Runway

is replacing one Queen with another next season. When the 11th Season begins on January 24th,

Michael Kors

will not be in the house. The

Huffington Post

reports that "scheduling constraints" are the reason for MK's departure. Taking his place on the judge's throne is designer

Zac Posen

. I'm looking forward to that though Zac's got some big designer shoes to fill as Michael delivered some of the snappiest one liners ever on the show! MK fans, don't worry, Michael will be back for the season finale.

Heidi Klum and Nina Garcia will return!