The Most Iconic Furs and Leather Jackets of Hollywood

by: Kitty Stephens


Movies have a long tradition of 

influencing fashion

, but no clothing item has been more imitated than handsome furs and leather jackets. They are the chosen fashion of outlaws, punks, movie stars, rebels and bikers. To them, a jacket is an identity, a medium to express nonconformity. Here are five of the most iconic movie jackets worn on the silver screen. 

The Perfecto | Marlon Brando

Price: $630

Everyone knows Marlon Brando brought 

motorcycle jackets

to the height of fashion with "The Wild One," mostly because he is the original rebel of cool. The diagonal-zippered black leather jacket with epaulets, “The Perfecto,” worn by Brando's biker character, Johnny Strabler. The famed jacket was created by Schott, NYC — the first company to sell zippered jackets.

The Burberry Trench | Humphrey Bogart

Price: $595

Humphrey Bogart emitted the stoic tough-guy persona complemented by an enigmatic look: black-ribboned fedora, trench coat and an eternally-burning cigarette. In "Casablanca," his character wore a cream Burberry (or Aquascutum Kingsway) belted wool trench. The ambiguous nature of the jacket is discussed to this day.

Wested Leather Bomber Jacket | Harrison Ford

Price: $268

Indiana Jones, the legendary archeologist adventurer, is a world-famous star of film and fashion. His rugged getup is the costume of choice for many 


every Halloween. Indy's weathered bomber leather jacket, wide-brimmed wool felt fedora, canvas satchel and Alden boots are all instantly recognizable. The tailor still makes a pretty penny to this day producing replicas of Indy's famous threads.

Blue Denim Jacket | Michael J. Fox

Price: $450

In the '80s, 

Michael J. Fox

was the quintessential teen icon of style, and his role as Marty McFly in "Back to the Future" embodied the rebellious/outlaw/punk heartthrob we looked up to. The blue denim jacket worn by Fox was manufactured by Guess, but is now nearly impossible to find — due to its limited run. The origin of the puffy vest remains a movie mystery.

White Sateen Jacket | Ryan Gosling

Price: $160

The mysterious and deadly stunt performer/mechanic/getaway driver played by 

Ryan Gosling

, wears a white sateen diamond-stitched jacket with a golden scorpion embroidered on the back. The iconic symbol was inspired by the experimental film “Scorpio Rising” and Aesop's “The Scorpion and the Frog” that plays into one of the film's themes of succumbing to one's irrepressible nature. “Drive” is meant to be a superhero movie — a deranged one at that — and the jacket acts as a sort of costume for the driver.