A Good Day To Die Hard

Director: John Moore

Starring: Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney


Die Hard

franchise is one of the most succsessful action series in cinema history.  

Bruce Willis'

sharp tounged New York police officer, John Mclane, has been killing bad guys since 1988.  

Die Hard (


Die Hard 2

(1990), and

Die Hard With A Vengance

(1995) were all well written, acted, and directed.  The characters were vulnerable and most importantly there was real danger.  

Live Free Or Die Hard

(2007) took the franchise in a new direction.  A

Good Day To Die Hard

has officially  jumped the shark.

After reconnecting with his daughter in the last film, this time around McLane heads off to Russia to spend time with his estranged son played by

Jai Courtney (Jack Reacher).

The action begins with McLane walking in to a violent confrontation between Russian militants and his son.  The opening sequence is a wild car chase through the streets of Moscow with enough property damage to bankrupt any insurance company on the planet.

Die Hard has now been elevated to the ridiculous.  Remember McLane fighting a hover jet with a semi in the last movie?  Bruce Willis does things now that Batman would have trouble pulling off. 

This film is Die Hard in name only.  It could have stared any actor and been given any name and you would not even know the difference.  Director

John Moore (Max Payne)

really missed the mark.  He had the chance to take Die Hard back to its roots, but he chose to make a cartoon.

Jai Courtney is great to look at, and he does a nice job when he is not running from massive explosions.  Willis should be able to play this role in his sleep but at times it looked like he needed a nudge.  I still hold out hope that this series can return to its former glory.  But I would not be shocked if they sent McLane to outer space in the next sequel. If they can't come up with something better than these last two films then it would truly be a good day to let this series die hard.



score 4 out of 10



Jamie Clemons