Golden Girls meet Project Runway


The most golden girl of all,

Joan Rivers

, was one of the special guest judges last week on

Project Runway

. And honey, as expected, the the Queen of FP delivered her smart, sassy, trash-talking wisdom! Love me some Joan Rivers!! Joining her in the judges circle were


, her daughter and designer

Rachel Roy.

I get stressed out when Project Runway uses "real" people for models. So with that said, a couple glasses of wine helped me get through the episode. The designers were paired up with ladies in their golden years and were challenged to create a look that reflected the client's taste and likes while still maintaining the designers aesthetic. The winning designer deserved the win but as for the loser, it was a bit of a shocker to me! 


Even though Daniel redeemed himself from the previous disastrous challenge with this black pant suit, which made Nina Garcia happy, I must side with my girl Joan Rivers. Where's the "wow" factor Daniel?? Why isn't she wearing a bracelet or necklace?


I love Kate's design. The judges didn't. Her client / model is so happy and satisfied. The top and skirt work great together and will work well separately.


I'm not a fan of Layana's look. I don't understand the piping effect on the waist band, the overall fit is funky and I HATE the length. It's too short for a woman her age.


No linguini bibs from Michelle this week. She gave us a winner. Not a winning design, but definitely a judge's favorite. The blingy waistband is weird to me, but the overall design is flattering and her model was certainly the showiest on the runway. Not a fan of that either. Just model, please.


This poor lady, wrapped like a sausage. Patricia screwed up. She doesn't listen. Her underlying arrogance led her to this low-scoring mess and kept her team (Michelle & Layana) from being in the top.


Tu created a one-size-fits-all dress. Not a good thing because it was supposed to fit just the model. He tried to justify it with his inexperience of designing for true sizes. That's bullshit. Has he never watched a season of Project Runway? YOU know there is always a similar challenge. No excuses Tu.  [With Kate's help] he belted the dress at the waist in a desperate attempt to provide shape. The judges saw right through it and didn't hold back. "You don't have a fucking clue in Hell who you're designing for," yelled Joan!


Samantha gave us a golden leopard! I mostly liked it. The big black bow wasn't necessary. I would have done just a black waistband. Nina and Heidi did not care for this look at all, but Joan dearest put them in their place... after all, she is THE Fashion Police!


Stanley's look was a winner from the first step onto the runway. Other than fit issues with the front of the pant, which can be overlooked given the ridiculous time frame they have to complete these challenges, this was a sophisticated and beautiful ensemble. The only worry I have for Stanley moving forward is his issues with time management. He totally stresses me out in the workroom! Speed up Stan!


Another terrific Project Runway look came from Stanley's team partner, Richard. This dress is amazing all the way around. From it's design, to the colors, to the versatility in fit and age appropriateness.


Amanda gave us a warm tranny mess. [No disrespect to the model] But Amanda put a somewhat manly woman in a super girly dress that fit horribly. She screwed up from the start by getting a flowy fabric to create a structured dress. Amanda didn't recover from that mistake and though she was in the bottom two, miraculously, she was safe!


Yes, the dress looks like it's cutting off circulation. Yes, it's kind of wedding or bar mitzvah attire. NO it was not the worst look on the runway. I was a shocked to see Benjamin go home. Anyone else feel the same way? The dress had it's problems: too tight, the center pleat is not right, the bottom band is not needed and the skirt is lopsided. But was it worse than Amanda's?