Project Runway's Project Prom


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WE got treated to another unconventional challenge on

Project Runway

last week. The designers actually enjoyed this one, well, except for the losers I guess. Fashion designer,

Chris Benz

guest judged the episode which challenged the group to create Duck Tape prom dresses. In a surprise move, Project Runway threw a jaw-dropping curve ball that hit not one, but two of the designers .... read on! 


Very cool, very chic. Patricia and Samantha created this metallic and silvery daring design. It's more "runway" than "prom" but many girls would respond well to this. A good number of prom-going females these days are moving away from traditional princess-like, over-


gowns and opting for more fashion forward styles.


Fetish prom. That's what bothers me with this dress. The black duck tape overpowers the girlie style and feel of Stanley and Layana's prom dress and takes it to a kinky place. Don't get me wrong, I love the  dress. I also love kinky. And the huge bright pink bow is fabulous. I can see an A-list celebrity wearing this to a movie premiere but not so much a teenage girl to her prom. Change the color or make it look less patent-leathery, then yes.


What did greed get these little boys? Nothing! Richard and Daniel hoarded all the gold duck tape, leaving not a single roll for anyone else. Well, karma's a bitch because they ended in the bottom with this dated ruffled disaster.


Michelle got her taste back and took her first win! She and Amanda worked very well together. They planned and constructed their vision for a punk-ish prom dress. Similar to Patricia and Samantha, they moved past the traditional and delivered a winning unconventional design for the unconventional challenge. The folds and draping are flattering as is the asymmetrical bodice. The scale of the large houndstooth pattern is a superb balance in juxtaposition with the tiny pattern on the trim which flowed all over the dress. A prom show stopper!


The color is what I have the biggest issue with. BORING!!! Kate, who is only 23, should have known better. Tu got lost in Kate's dictatorship and got screwed at the end. I will disagree with goddess Garcia on the length. While short length prom dresses are on trend, long gowns are just as popular. [Nina, I no longer teach high school, but I can get us into a prom. Be my date!] Heidi Klum gave her tender 

Auf Wiedersehen

to Tu. Kate turned to him crying while probably thinking "oh shit, I'm safe" only to hear one minute later from Heidi, "Kate, you're out too." OMG Project Runway! I did not see that coming. Anyone else?? Wow, Project Runway means business this season. They're not playing games. I guess Heidi is living up to her mantra of "In fashion one day you're in and the next day you're out."

*NEW challenge this week: Beefcake! I mean, Menswear :) May need to watch workroom fittings in slow motion!