Presenting MR. Barnabus

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Silly rabbit... YOU'RE a DOG!!! And the sweetest, most precious pup ... Barnabus has more personality than most people. He is the love and joy of PR Queen Meg Reggie who has been working closely with me on Doggies on the Catwalk for three years. This is not the first time for Barnabus on the catwalk, but it is for Meg and her husband Rick Butgereit. The funny thing is that Meg and Rick will NOT be modeling with their own doggie because Barnabus has a fan so big that the Reggies had no choice! Barnabus will take the catwalk with his #1 fan, Mike Hughes, who btw, is married to our lovely Emcee, Vikki Locke ... so it's all in the family!

[caption id="attachment_20445" align="aligncenter" width="478" caption="Rashan Ali & a young Barnabus! Doggies IV"]rashan-ali-doggies-on-the-catwalk-fashionado[/caption]

As mentioned earlier, Barnabus is no stranger to the world of high fashion runway modeling. As a stubborn, yet adorable puppy, he took about eight steps with our celebrity model Rashan Ali, decided he was tired, or something, and proceeded to lay down! Look at the FACE! [I'm a fan too] Thankfully, the capable and professional hands of Piedmont Bark came to the rescue.

I HAVE to share my own personal Barnabus story: He was just under a year old and I was over at Meg's house for dinner. Rick is an excellent cook, btw. I was sitting across the table from Vikki and in the middle of a conversation when I felt doggie licks to my right hand which was resting on the seat of the dining room chair. AND then, within a matter of seconds, my entire hand, minus the thumb, was in Barnabus' mouth. UP to the KNUCKLES!!! YIKES! I don't know if he just loved me that much or I just tasted that good, but it was the funniest thing ever... and at that moment, I was struck with puppy love!

I'm thrilled that he will once again strut down the catwalk. Support Barnabus and the 1873 Society Club / Atlanta Humane Society ... buy your tickets HERE. Thank YOU and see you on May 3rd at the W Atlanta -Buckhead.

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