Project Runway Editorial

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I've enjoyed the "Teams" format but I am as happy as you are that the designers FINALLY got to design on their own. This should have happened a couple of episodes ago. Well, better late than never! For the first indepenent challenge,

Project Runway

delivered a biggie. The designers met

Tim Gunn


Nina Garcia's

home turf,

Marie Claire's

actually, the beautiful Hearst Tower. The only thing bigger than the challenge to design an editorial look for actress

Jordana Brewster

to be published in the May issue of

Marie Claire

, is the client herself... Nina Garcia.

Hay Dios mio!

It's not that Nina is so difficult. She's just sooooo sure of herself and what she wants and more importantly, what she doesn't like. Nina was very clear in her guidance and instructions for the challenge: no T-shirts, no pants, no gowns, no red carpet... She described what an editorial look should embody. Most of the designers got it. Key word, "most." 


The designers were provided sewing assistants by Project Runway from the fine selection of this season's


talent. Layana had a happy match up with former partner Kate. They came up with this blue leather chiffony ensemble. I don't care for it. Sure it had runway presence but to me if felt like they tried too hard. Too hard to be different. Too hard to be innovative. As this competition stiffens, Layana's youth is

trying hard

to keep up.


Patricia served Pocahontas realness with this silk chiffon suede fringe costume. Yup, I said costume. Patrica has relied on her artistic merits throughout the competition. It's time to give us FASHION! The fact that she was paired up with that asshole, Richard, didn't help, but dammit Patricia, you're a grown up, take charge!


OMFG... really Daniel? I am STILL over you. The only thing was worse than this mustard-yellow leather fuck up was Nina Garcia liking it!!!  AND the only intelligent explanation I have for this lapse in judgement and taste (sorry Nina, you know I love you, but) is that Project Runway wants to keep Daniel around. By having a prominent judge on his side makes that happen easier. In other words, if the judges had trashed the outfit, as the should have, Daniel would need to be sent home...


The clear winner was Stanley with this three piece get up... his attitude, however, was a major fail. Stanley was so rude to his assistant, Tu. It was painful at times to watch.


The plot thickens here. Michelle ... as the Clash would say... Should I stay OR should I go??? No one knows. "To be continued"... said Project Runway.

Michelle was grilled for not following Nina's directions: "no T-shirts; no pants." Okay, lets get something straight. Yes those are pants, bad Michelle, BUT that is NOT a T-shirt! The top is fabulous. She should not go home for this. WE will have to tune into Project Runway to see what happens to Michelle. Heidi mentioned something about a "do or die" moment? I suggest an MTV-styled Death Match between Michelle and Daniel!