A little "nip & tuck" with Rob Lowe

[caption id="attachment_20963" align="aligncenter" width="430" caption="Rob Lowe ~ Behind the Candelabra"]



This is some scary stuff. 

Rob Lowe's

plastic face character, Dr. Jack Startz, did his part, quite successfully, to contribute to the creep factor that is HBO's

Behind the Candelabra

. [and I loved it!] The film took us on an Austrian crystal encrusted roller coaster ride, otherwise known as the tumultuous romance between the uber-flambouyant, not a manly bone in his body yet everyone thought he was straight,


and his young prettyboy lover,

Scott Thorson

. Dr. Startz is the sketchy plastic surgeon that nips, tucks and pulls Liberace and Thorson into funny looking caricatures. He "helped" Thorson thin down with an addiction to the "California diet" pills.

Behind the Candelabra

is on heavy rotation on HBO. Watch it. I was mesmerized, entertained, saddened and intrigued. Though I now have a sudden urge to wear lots of gold and furs.