5 Stylish TV Moms and How to Steal Their Style


by guest blogger Jasmine Perez

One of the easiest places to get style advice is from TV.

After all, these are well-paid actresses who often have a team of stylists to consult with, which means their looks will be impeccable. While much of the style is manufactured to convey a specific look or vibe for the show, any woman can draw inspiration from these well-dressed ladies of television.

Here are five of the best dressed women on TV, as well as suggestions for how to emulate their styles:

1. Gloria Pritchett, played by Sofia Vergara, of 'Modern Family,' ABC

Sofia is able to bring a lot of her own personal style into her character on “Modern Family,” and that is great news for viewers. The smoking hot Columbian favors

curve-hugging dresses and designs that really accentuate her shape, yet always allow for style and flair in the little details of these outfits. You can dress yourself in Gloria/Sofia-style by checking out her eponymous line of stylish, 

affordable women's clothing

at Kmart.


2. Betty Draper, played January Jones, of 'Mad Men,' AMC

“Mad Men” is really influencing fashion on the runway. Betty Draper's style exudes 1960s glam, and she accessorizes each look perfectly with accents, such as pearls and dainty gloves. From wearing flats at home to rocking a black and gold brocade cocktail dress, Betty covers the range perfectly from casual to chic. You can find her looks in stores such as Banana Republic, which are now bringing a bit of '60s flair into their collections.


3. Heather Dubrow of 'The Real Housewives of Orange County,' Bravo

The "Real Housewives" franchise offers viewers the guilty pleasure of a semi-scripted "reality" show that depicts a dramatized version of actual events in the women's lives. They all choose their on-camera looks carefully, but Orange County cast member Heather Dubrow is a standout. Her classic yet modern fashion sense belies her busy life as a mother of four and part-time television actress. You can emulate her look by shopping stores such as Brooks Brothers.


4. Rachel Zoe of 'The Rachel Zoe Project,' Bravo

Some might say this Mom has an unfair advantage — after all, she is a fashion designer herself. However, that shouldn't stop us from being able to draw inspiration from her looks. This mom of one manages her own fashion line while also managing her family life. She's known for timeless black and while pairings, clean lines and classic looks, and she constantly advocates the maxi dress as an everyday-style staple. You can get Rachel's looks by shopping the Rachel Zoe Collection in department stores like 





5. Rayna Jaymes, played by Connie Britton, of 'Nashville,' ABC

Rayna Jaymes of “Nashville” is a country music superstar with all sorts of amazingly flashy outfits available to her. However, she's also a mom who drives her daughters to school every day after cooking them breakfast. Women admire Rayna for her effortless, casual style. When not performing, she's seen in great boots and perfectly-fitting jeans with a simple vest and top. That said, she can also rock a flashy dress or a stylish conservative outfit for a political function. Find her style at American Eagle Outfitters.

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