Project Runway Sky High: NEW Season Episode 1


Project Runway

fell from the sky for the season opener. The show took a dramatic plunge, literally, as skydivers jumped out of a plane, nearly slamming into

Heidi Klum

in her six-inch stilettos. What did this have to do with fashion? Fabric. Yep, the newbies were less than thrilled to learn that their first challenge would involve making clothing out of the [very] bright, difficult to work with, synthetic textile. While silk is the best material for making parachutes, I think these were probably nylon!

The Emmy Award winning and nominated Project Runway is in it's 12th season and it appears like the reality series has honed in on a winning formula that gratifies the love of fashion and the necessity for ratings. They choose talented designers but hold on to the crazies who'll keep us entertained from week to week. This first episode had it's share of wackos ...


Designer Karen made a kite out of a parachute, put it on a model and had the nerve to call it "chic." And what about those dreadful shoes??? I threw up. [of course they're from Belk...


bring back the Neiman Marcus wall!!!]


Project Runway gave us a fashion twist that not everyone was too happy about, though they got over it quickly. Viewers were able to vote on who the show might bring back from a previous season. Kate from Season 11 was chosen... but will she be


chosen one? Does she have an unfair advantage? Does it really matter?


And then we woke up from a Russian nightmare only to learn it was real! Designer Sandro will certainly be raising temperatures, eyebrows and ratings. The outspoken hothead is quickly approaching the love to hate him marker. What can I possibly say about this mess he sent down the runway. Everyone was disgusted and horrified. I felt for the poor model who had to wear this outfit that redefined the camel toe. When her hand wasn't covering her south, a black censor was doing the job.


Poor misguided Designer Timothy. He craps sustainability and voila this is what he sent out for the judges to see. They grilled him good!

Why no make-up; Why no hair, shoes?? They asked...

Oh because blah blah, environment blah, eco blah blah blah.

Zac Posen

gave the little green bitch a reality check by informing the do-gooder that burning the parachute material sent toxic fumes into the air! Now put some lipstick on that girl!


Finally something good. Designer Sue pleated, gathered and allowed the parachute material to do it's "thing" creating what one of the judges referred to as having elements of couture. Sue "made it work."


Buh bye Designer Angela. The first 

auf Wiedersehen.

She knew it in the workroom that she messed up. Even if Angela hadn't cut the whatever


is too short, it would still have been bad, maybe worse.


Winning the first challenge, former modern dancer, Designer Bradon, created a gown with as much movement as it had style. It was beautiful to watch as the model turned on the runway and walk back gracefully.

Well, there you have it. The highs & lows. Given from the compilation of scenes at the end of the episode, WE are in for a bumpy ride this season.