BlackBerry Style

Make your BlackBerry Fit your Personal Style

by guest author Rita Andreas 


Photo by Flickr user EvelynGiggles.

These days, a lady's smartphone is an accessory just as important as her

Michael Kors

purse. Now, busy women use their phones for everything, and it has to be as stylish as the rest of their ensemble.

The LBD for Your BlackBerryWhen you're dressed to the nines, your smartphone shouldn’t go out unadorned. There are a variety of skins and cases available for BlackBerry phones to make them stylish and unique. creates customized skins and cases. You can use stock images and patterns or upload your own images to wrap your BlackBerry in something totally "you" — no matter what mood or style you're feeling that day.


Now that you’ve covered your BlackBerry in a pretty frock, it’s time to add a headset. BlackBerry’s Premium Stereo Headset enables you to chat or listen to your favorite music while leaving those manicured hands free for other tasks. This headset has perfected audio and sound isolation. Music sounds great and calls sound crisp and clear. With the touch a button you can easily switch between listening to music and chatting on the phone.

A stylish Golla Pouch attached to your purse strap looks unique and trendy. You have to have a way to carry your phone. Stylishly and effortlessly reach for your phone without frantically searching the bottom of your messy purse. 

A Golla bag clips to your purse strap

 and comes in fashionable colors. It also has room to carry extra ear buds and cash — all the essentials you'll need for an awesome night out.

Image by Daniel Chow via Flickr.

Stylish Functionality

When most conjur up an image of what people who talk on their cell phone while driving look like, they usually immediately come up with a ditzy party girl who just left the shopping mall. Prove them wrong! Fashionable women are also smart, so they know they can’t fumble with their BlackBerry while driving. Fashion and safety dictate the use of a universal car mount and holder for BlackBerry. It attaches securely to your windshield or dash leaving you to watch the road and do the driving. Place yourself on the BlackBerry red carpet by placing your phone in a holder and setting it to hands-free mode.

Your BlackBerry is beautifully accessorized, but if it loses its charge no one will have a need to see it. A BlackBerry Charging Pod will cradle your BlackBerry attractively and comfortably. Your ability to take calls, watch videos or listen to music is not prohibited — the BlackBerry remains fully functional while in the cradle.

Photo by Halal Bilal via Flickr.

There are many beautiful accessories available for the fashionable woman to use with her BlackBerry. The popularity of BlackBerry among 

stylish celebrities

 such as Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga make it a must for women 

looking for cell phones

. It has become as much of an accessory staple as scarves, earrings and bracelets when shopping for a complete outfit.