Celebri-pup Couture -- Fashion for the Furry Set


Couture -- Fashion for the Furry Set

by guest author:

Horacio Mendez 


Image by suzannelong via Flickr.

For the rich and famous, pets are often one of the few beings in their lives who truly love them for who they really are, not just for their money or fame. All a dog wants is love and affection, and he'll return the same to his owner with all of his heart. So it's hardly surprising that celebs go to extremes to pamper their beloved pooches.

Of course, pet owners of all income levels spoil their pets. The American Pet Products Association estimates that owners will spend over $55.5 billion on their furry friends in 2013. Even during periods when the economy wasn't performing well, pet owners continued to buy products for their beloved pets.

The Louis Factor

Celebs love themselves some Louis β€”

Louis Vuitton

, that is. That's why you'll find a number of famous fashionistas, including singers

Latoya Jackson



as well as actress

Ashley Tisdale, toting their fur children around in handsome Louis Vuitton dog carriers. Looking good doesn't come cheap though. If you're interested in getting the same luxury brand tote for your pet, be prepared to shell out over $2,400.

Louis Vuitton also makes a matching dog collar that sells for $365. While the collar is a thing of beauty and true craftsmanship, no one will notice it if he is a non-stop barker. In that case, your money might be better spent on a bark collar, which can effectively curtail your pup's overactive vocals and make him more pleasant to be around.

Gucci Poochies


is another favorite designer of celeb pup owners. The high-end brand sells a number of different dog accessories, including dog carriers, collars, tags and leashes. A number of celebs have been spotted toting the distinctive 

designer canine carrier

, which is priced at $2,600, including actors

Vanessa Minnillo


Russell Brand


Designers for Dog Duds

Several well-known, high-end designers offer puppy couture in addition to their people lines. For instance, preppy designer

Ralph Lauren

offers a line of clothing just for your four-legged family member. Examples include a cabled cashmere turtleneck sweater that retails for $95 and a polo dog shirt with his signature horse emblem for $40. For an additional $10, you can even your pet's name embroidered onto the polo shirt.

Pet Fashion Week

Of course, fashionistas don't follow, they lead. So if being a trendsetter in your canine's couture is important to you, then you'll want to attend

Pet Fashion Week in New York

so you can see the next big things in dog fashion before they hit the streets. Yes, having dogs on the catwalk may seem a little strange at first, but Pet Fashion Week is a huge event that showcases the latest trends in doggy duds each year and should not be missed by fashionable pet lovers.