Fall Fashion Goes Green

by guest blogger Evan Hemmings


Tuck away those denim cut-offs and metallic flip flops — the fall fashion forecast calls for some exciting new trends. From edgy leathers and funky furs to sophisticated boots and splashes of green, there is truly a style for everyone who errs on the side of of-the-moment fashion. Become a trendsetter by building your fall wardrobe around the following trends.

Emerald Green

Meet the 2013 Color of the Year – emerald. It is a lovely blend of lively, lush green hues with a hint of elegance. Pantone – the official “word” on color – chose emerald as this year’s color as it “enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.” Since its introduction back in January, the “it” color has been spotted in collections by

Carolina Herrera


Phillip Lim

. This, however; is not the first time we’ve seen emerald on the runways.

Emily Blunt

wore it in 2012 and

Sofia Vergara

back in June, according to the

Huffington Post


Crazy Fur

While fur has always had a place in fashion, designers put it back in the spotlight for the fall season. This year we’re not just limited to classic mink or rabbit, as modern furs are saturated in bold colors. We’ve already seen some fashion insiders embracing this fun new trend, such as

Anna Wintour

. Now shoppers have the chance to invest in their own fur coat or scarf for when the weather gets chilly.


Skimpy nighties are not just for the bedroom anymore. Lacy slip dresses, barely-there camisoles and other lingerie-inspired looks are hitting the catwalks this season. If you have yet to check out

Louis Vuitton’s

new collection, the more intimate attire is influenced by ‘hotel boudoirs.'

Jean Paul Gaultier


Dolce & Gabbana

are also turning underwear into outerwear. While many of the designer options are a bit over-the-top for the average woman to sport, there is a plethora of less provocative options, such as daytime bustiers, that are both wearable and affordable.

Punk Style

Let your inner rockstar loose this fall with leather-heavy styles and plenty of vinyl, studs, chains and spikes. If you’re willing to step outside the box of leather staples like leather coats and footwear, consider all-leather pleated skirts, skinny pants or leather-embellished tees. Designers ranging from

Siouxsie Sioux


Junya Watanabe

have been churning out wicked designs that are sure to turn heads your way. Switch your 

Direct TV

 to your favorite fashionable television show, whether it’s "America’s Next Top Model" or "Project Runway," and get inspired to rock.

Thigh-High Boots

According to the Huffington Post, the motto of the year is “

the higher, the better

.” Thigh-high boots have been seen at many fall 2013 shows, including

Donna Karan





. Built from leather, vinyl or latex and lined with satin, silk or polyester microfibers, this humble footwear is ideal for the upcoming winter season due to added warmth. As one of the hottest fashions right now in ladies footwear, thigh-highs will instantly spice up your attire when worn with a skirt or over a pair of your favorite skin-tight jeans.