Shakespeare's R & J - Modern & Passionate

The complexity of

William Shakespeare's

Romeo And Juliet

was not compromised through it's re-contextualization. 

The acting is superb; the direction and choreography are brilliant.

Four Catholic Prep School boys are consumed by

Romeo And Juliet and begin to act out the scenes. They're in a strict situation, as you can imagine in an all boys preparatory setting. The boys are breaking the rules playing out the various roles at night when they should be sleeping. 

R & J gets intense and a little steamy when one "boy" assumes the role of Juliet and while another is Romeo. They dance, they kiss and they love with exuberance and great passion.

Well, we all know how Romeo And Juliet ends. BUT when the four boys are done acting it out, they have changed. The "rules" of gender and religion have been questioned and enlightenment has set in. Very relevant for today.

Joe Calarco's

Shakespeare's R & J

was directed by

Brian Clowdus

and is playing at the

Fabrefaction Theatre Conservatory

until March 2nd.

I urge you to go!