Un Pastel de Guava Por Favor


It's probably a good thing that I don't live in Miami anymore. I would eat my way through the day and grow and grow and grow. I'd become a [Cuban] food blogger and leave fashion behind. So, instead, I visit, eat my fix and head back to Atlanta.

I grew up on Cuban food so it's not like it's something new for me. I guess because I don't have it often I miss it that much more. So it's true, absence does make the heart grow fonder - and the stomach bigger! 

I snapped this yummy pic at a bakery this morning. If you've ever been to Miami then you know there's a Cuban bakery on every corner - you know, like the south and their Baptist churches. That reddish substance oozing out of the filo pastry is guava. Sweet and warm. We call them, "pasteles OR pastelitos de Guava." I call it, a little bit of Heaven in every bite. 

Try them on your next visit. OH and btw, the Cuban bread served in Miami is NOTHING like the so-called "Cuban-bread" sold outside of the city. Grab a loaf while it's still warm and you'll probably eat the whole damn thing! With a side of cafe con leche of course.