Dream Cars at the High Museum


"This is an exhibit about ideas," said Sarah Schleuning, Curator of Decorative Arts and Design at the High Museum of Art. You could feel her enthusiasm and hear it in her voice during a fashionadoTV interview earlier this week. And rightfully so. Not only is Dream Cars an exquisite collection of "concept cars" that may potentially never be all in the same room again, but it's also an exhibition close and dear to Sarah's heart as she's worked for three years to make it happen.


Forget the two-seater and soar with this 1950's Firebird!


There are seventeen vehicles in Dream Cars and every time Sarah and I walked up to the next car, I'd say, "this is my favorite." I seriously couldn't choose! They are all so magnificent. Individually, they hold their own as strong, innovative ideas. Evidence that dreaming is limitless. As a collection, Dream Cars will blow you away.