The Normal Heart on HBO with Mark Ruffalo & Julia Roberts

I cried through most of this film.

The Normal Heart, starring Mark Ruffalo and Julia Roberts premiered last night on HBO Films. I knew it would be a tough movie to watch. It was powerful and intense. In 1981, I was in the 10th grade, AIDS hit and a small group in NYC fought a hard, uphill battle for funding and public awareness. No one even knew what to call "it." Mainstream America didn't hear about it until 1985.

The Normal Heart is painful to watch at times. When I wasn't crying, my heart was beating fast or I was just angry. I got emotionally invested in the characters, couldn't help it. The performances are strong and award-worthy. I strongly recommend this film. [Of course, if you read my blog, chances are you're "enlightened" and a caring person and likely will watch - it's the homophobic assholes out there who need to watch The Normal Heart but sadly, are too ignorant or scared to do so.]