Through the Photographic Lens of Kevin Maurice Photography

Charleston based photographer, Kevin Maurice has a masterful eye for wedding, fashion and lifestyle photography. His portraits are artistically skillful, sometimes playful and always stylish. I'm delighted to feature his work on fashionado but make sure and check out his website too for a full gallery of his amazing work!

My photographic journey started as a young teen leaving home for the first time. Until that point in my life, the 5 boroughs that make up New York City was all I'd ever known. I was determined to find life outside of the city, record it, and return to view it with my friends and family. What started as an innocent project turned into a lifelong passion. Capturing memories to return to them later. Today, "Capturing moments" would be an understatement. I MAGNIFY moments and capture the smallest of details for my clients. Although I photograph a wide range of portrait, and fashion, wedding photography is something that I truly love. My approach is often casual, fun. While a lot of my inspiration comes from travel, art, nature and fashion, I'm also guided by the needs of my clients. ~ Kevin Maurice