True Blood: True To The End Season 7

I don't know if I'm more excited that tonight premieres Season 7 of True Blood OR pissed that it's the series finale. What I do know from what I've read is that humans better watch out because the vamps are out for vengeance. There are 10 episodes coming this season and in the spirit of many other good shows that ended prematurely, I hope the writers accomplish two things: go really wild with the stories and give True Blood fans closure. We deserve it.

Oh and one more thing. Lets see lots more nudity from Alexander Skarsgard "Eric." It's no secret that he is returning this season, saved from burning on a snowy mountain top in Sweden. SO lets see him naked. A lot. I'm talking full frontal with no obstruction from stupid things like vases, branches or out of focus cameras... You know you're wanting it too!

True Blood #TrueToTheEnd premieres tonight on HBO at 9PM.