"Face For Grace" American Flag

Portrait by Sheila Pree Bright

When Nic Miller of the Gray Miller West Art Gallery asked me to stop by for a photo a few Saturdays back he failed to mention that it was going to be part of such a significant project by artist/photographer Sheila Pree Bright.  The "Face For Grace" campaign started with a video interview where I answered questions about what freedom meant to me. Later, Sheila handed me the American flag. She handled it with pride and respect as she placed it on my receiving hands. Her instruction for the shoot was to do whatever you felt most represented you and your feelings about freedom. I didn't need to think about it. I knew. I moved my arms vigorously from left to right and back again. Over and over. "My" flag is free. Has lots of movement, is full of life, is welcoming and embraces humanity. This photograph was our end result and is a part of Sheila's Project 1960. Happy Fourth of July.