Life on Mars / Freak Show

I can't get this scene from Freak Show out of my head - so thought I'd share it with you.

David Bowie fans may not be to excited over Jessica Lange's rendition of his song, "Life on Mars," but American Horror Story Freak Show creator, Ryan Murphy, knew exactly what he was doing. It was quite clever to use a song written in 1973 to represent a show which takes place in 1952. To that, add Jessica Lange's Marlene Dietrich-ish style, the powder blue suit with matching eye shadow and all the circus freaks and the tone of the season was set. Lange's Elsa Mars may be my favorite AHS role to date and her character may prove to be scarier than the creepy clowns. It's going to be a freakishly twisted season.

Jessica Lange
Jessica Lange

American Horror Story Freak Show airs Wednesdays at 10PM on FX.