Old Hollywood Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide
Holiday Gift Guide


Pendleton Nylon Backed Blanket


Pendleton Thomas Waist Coat (Not Pictured)


Pendleton Plaid Tie


Cage light


Compass Keychain


Telescope Keychain


Henley Linen Gear Bags (Not Pictured)


Henley Leather Clad Flashlight


'Tis the shopping season. OR as I prefer to think about it, more like the gifting season. That time of year you gift your loved ones "things" because you want to, not because you have to! Either way, this could be an overwhelming task for many of us. Well, don't fret! The

Old Hollywood Gift Guide

is here to rescue [and guide us] towards some cool gifts for the family and friends. They've put together a super fab idea guide for Mom, Dad, BFFs and Stocking Stuffers.

Take a look:



Geometric Terrarium


Sessun Banihal Scarf


Himalayan Salt Lamp (Not Pictured 


Emily R Jewelry


Sessun Salt River Wrap Cardigan (Not Pictured)


Domestic Construction 23"x36" Mat



Sage Smudge


Palo Santo Bundle


Wood & Penny Candles


Blue Mason Jar Light


Henley Wine Tote & Bottle Opener


Stained Glass Feathers


BFF (girl)

Wild Unknown Deck


Wild Unknown Guide


Eye of Horus Scarf (Not Pictured)


Cat Ring Dish


Psyche Shapeshifter Stackable Rings


BFF (guy)

Zig Zag Boob Patch


Courage Pocket Knife


Leather Bicycle Wine Holder


Chamula Double Cuff Knit Hat


Datter Hand Lapel Pin


Datter Cat Lapel Pin


Henley Back Pocket Flask



Custom Embroidered Jacket (Not pictured)


Vena Amoris Jewelry


Psyche Time Traveler's Collar


Sessun Helin Knit Hat




Pendleton Motor Robe with Carrier


Iron & Resin Leather Gloves


Chamula Bendable Horse Hair Cuff


Iron & Resin 2-Tone Rambler Jacket (Not pictured)


Digby & Iona Compass Signet Ring


Digby & Iona Natura Signet Ring


Digby & Iona Ouroboros Signet Ring




Henley Flashlight Keychain


Henley Corkscrew Keychain


Nag Champa Soap


Pendleton Bandana


Sage Smudge


Palo Santo Bundle


Einstein Socks


Incense Matches


Zig Zag Mary Jane Patch


Happy Holidays & Happy Shopping!