This is how I like Jennifer Lawrence: In Couture!

Jennifer Lawrence has become one of my red carpet faves in recent years.  Every award season, she is one of the A-listers I'm most excited to see what fabulous frock she's wearing. Her hair, shoes, accessories are always styled to perfection.

This is how I like to see J-Law. 

Not naked.

She does Dior well. Dressed to the nines. Even when she tripped, running up to receive her Oscar, she did so with elegance and grace.

Perhaps I'm just a silly queen but at least I know right from wrong. I hope those bastard hackers are found and prosecuted as well as everyone who has shared the nude photos. The only advice I can give to other celebs [and for all of us too] is stop taking naked photos! In no way am I blaming the victim so don't misconstrue my words. But since our privacy is sadly comprised from time to time, let's not give those fuckers ammunition!