Clap Your Hands: Best Of 2015 Featuring Sacha Robotti & Various Artists

clap your hands sacha robotti

With the “Best of CYH 2015” compilation, Berlin label Clap Your Hands looks back to a great year championing their commitment to quality music.

The selection contains the best club tracks (and deeper cuts) of the last twelve months, including tracks and remixes by Sacha Robotti, Gunnar Stiller, Ferdinand Dreyssig, Thabo Getsome, From Karaoke To Stardom, Malte Seddig and Skyboy. Clap Your Hands Records would like to thank everybody who has contributed to this awesome year!


1. Adam Curtain - Nine To Five 2. Thabo Getsome - The Sound (Sacha Robotti’s Wobbly Remix) 3. Ferdinand Dreyssig - Desire 4. Gunnar Stiller - Lost Without A Trace 5. Ferdinand Dreyssig - Sloth 6. Gunnar Stiller - Say Nothing 7. Malte Seddig - Holding 8. Skybox - The Hustle 9. Adam Curtain - Brrr 10. Malte Seddig - The Foghorn Project 11. Thabo Getsome - The Sound (From Karaoke To Stardom Remix) 12. ScuffyWRKS aka Skyboy - Acting Like A Hoe