VASSY & Afrojack team up for “LOST”

vassy afrojack lost

After breaking into the Spotify viral charts in five countries and hitting #4 on Beatport in its first week, "LOST" has now accumulated over 3 million combined streams. Released by Armada Music, Vassy's new single “LOST” is made in collaboration with Dutch star Afrojack and Amsterdam-based producer Oliver Rosa, and may just require all three to clear some space in their respective trophy rooms.

A titanic team-up, brilliant composition and potential chart-breaker in one, “LOST” traverses the pop and dance music realms while remaining emotive and progressive at its core. Catching fire through the warmth of VASSY’s eruptive vocals only to see it’s burning flames kindled by its infectious piano chord stabs and well-crafted builds, “LOST” proves a song the whole world could lose itself in.

In an exclusive interview with fashionado, VASSY talks fashion, personal style, working with Afrojack and what's in her future:

fashionado: We live in a world where Image sometimes is everything. What image are you looking to portray to your fans a one of the leading vocalists in the world today? 

VASSY: I like to stay natural and be myself not trying to Portray any image in particular but one that shows people I’m comfortable in my own skin and proud of who I am and embrace all my qualities as a woman.

fashionado: As your fame and popularity climbs do you feel there is a greater focus on you and your personal style? 

VASSY: Yes. I do sometimes I feel like just being a bit of a tomboy other times I want to put on my Ferragamo stilettos and a fancy dress. It depends on how I feel; I like to just be true to myself and not force anything when it comes to style and fashion.

fashionado: How did the collaboration with you and Afrojack happen and what's the inside scoop on what it took to place? 

VASSY: We met a couple years back on a project and always talked about working on a record together so it was an organic process and this was the right record to work on. He’s cool, talented, easy to work with and he was very supportive.

fashionado: With the success of 'Lost' what is on the burner for you musically for 2018? What projects do you have in the works and will we see you on the MainStage singing 'Lost' during Ultra and Miami Music Week? 

VASSY: I’m working on my solo projects and I do have a couple of collaborations: one with Tiësto and one with Armin van Buuren & so on... Yes, you might see me in Miami :-)

fashionado: The cover of 'Lost' is stunning. When selecting the wardrobe for the cover did someone put it all together for you and if so what was their name, or did you put it together and if so what look did you want it to convey for the fans of your music? 

Yes I had an idea of what I wanted to wear. I wanted to do all black, slick and simple, a little lacy and feminine but strong. I worked with the stylist Madison Dixon based here in Los Angeles, she was so much fun to work with.

fashionado: If you had to pick who would your Top 5 fashion designers in the world? 

VASSY: This is tough!
I love Chanel - bags and make up.
Ferragamo for shoes. 
Ted Baker for (more) bags.
Prada for sunglasses.
Wow Couture for sexy clothing - they make incredible things that works for women with curves.
Express for cool shirts, believe it or not!
Adidas for sporty stuff.