A Fire Under The Electric Sky: Bonnie X Clyde

EDC is a cultivation of not only top production and the best experiences a music festival has to offer but it also hones in on some of the most successful talent out there. And despite the hundreds of artists performing, not many can beat the footprint that the on-fire duo Bonnie X Clyde left on EDC Las Vegas.

Performing not one, not two, but a total of three sets during Electric Daisy Carnival - Las Vegas, BONNIE X CLYDE reigned over the grounds with their highly anticipated and energy packed sets. Their Upside Down House set Friday night brought together old fans and new and they brought a little bit of every genre, a series of celebratory fireworks prefacing the entire crowd singing along to their #1 hit track on Sirius XM, ‘Bass Jam’. With the track’s unrivaled success, it’s grasped onto the #1 spot for it’s fourth week, securing Bonnie X Clyde at the top. Sitting down with Sirius XM on site, the team was able to talk about the growth of their radio presence and the love that they have received for the track as well.

Set number two at the Trap Nation Parliament Art Cart brought over 3,000 people to one of the far corners of EDC Las Vegas, bringing together a crowd unlike any other for an art cart set. “Our Trap Nation set was super unique and wonky. We played a lot of experimental trap tracks and explored a different vibe but everyone loved it.” -Bonnie

Describe your first EDC Las Vegas experience.

Bonnie - “It was kind of indescribable. It’s like one of those things you dream about for a really long time and then it happened all at once. It was truly beautiful, the amount of people who came out for us at our sets and supported us. It felt like a family experience. Those people who stuck around to the end of our sets to take the family photo really made it extra special for us.”

Clyde - “Having to take a test in the middle of the two days and then having to fly back from LA was crazy but it was awesome to be able to play 3 sets in one festival.”

Thousands of fans came by Bonnie X Clyde’s sets throughout the weekend whether they were dedicated fans or had just discovered the duo. Both their Friday Upside Down House set and their Saturday Corona Beach set was accompanied by evening fireworks that lit up the electric sky and created a ‘very special moment’ for Bonnie X Clyde during their sets.

Your EP has has wild success so far with ‘Bass Jam’ being #1 on Sirius XM for 3 weeks and the other tracks being featured in almost every Insomniac trailer. How do you feel? Were you expecting this type of feedback?

Bonnie X Clyde - “We weren’t expecting this at all and are super thankful to Geronimo and the whole Sirius XM team for all the love and support they have showed us. The Insomniac team as well, they feel like family. We make a lot of goals for ourselves and we really feel like we achieved them.”

What’s to come in the future for you guys?

Bonnie X Clyde - “We have a radio show coming out soon called ‘The Hitlist’ which will be bi-monthly and will have a ton of cool mixes and new surprises for fans. We’re super excited about it.”

fashionado / raver magazine