As winter begins to release its icy grip on the East Coast, Noorlind and Weekend Rendition have reworked one of the year’s biggest vocals into a melodic future house smash with a bouncy bass line and a concise, quick-hitting arrangement that already has us dreaming about Miami Music Week pool parties.

“When I first heard the original, I instantly knew I wanted to put my own spin on it”, says Noorlind.

I re-pitched the vocal, wrote new chords, and got in the studio with Weekend Rendition the next day to flesh out the rest – we wrapped the project from start to finish in a little under four days.

Our aim was to create something unique, feel-good and accessible, while true to the vibe of the original, and that would fit just as well in our DJ sets as on someone’s morning Spotify playlist. We’re really happy with how the track came out, and it’s been getting great reception on the dance floor!”


There are so many ways on how producers and DJs collaborate. In this case Weekend Rendition and Noorlind came together to work on a sick remix of Mike Williams "You and I." What's the story behind how this remix came together?

Noorlind: I’m always on the hunt for strong vocals that I can remix and somehow make my own. I was a big fan of the original track and was playing it in my sets when I came across the vocal stems, pitched them down a few semitones, and felt inspired to start remixing the track. I had a session with Michael (Weekend Rendition) scheduled the following day – he liked the direction it was going, and we decided to collaborate on the remix and finished the whole thing that week.

Working with another person can be really useful to maintain focus and help streamline the production process, and I think Michael and I really complement each other’s skill sets – it’s always fun working with him!

What's it like playing with some of the biggest names in the dance music world, especially at some of the hottest clubs in the world? What is one experience that you personally will never forget?

Noorlind: It’s really a rush like none other. I never thought I would be playing shows with my favorite artists at venues I used to attend as a concert-goer just a few years ago… it’s still surreal every time I play. While I’ve been DJing for nearly eight years I’m always trying to pick up new things and improve as a performer, so it’s really cool to be able to play with and learn from artists at the top of their game – it pushes me to push the bar even higher.

I’ve had some really memorable experiences, but a recent favorite was being asked to DJ Paris Hilton’s birthday party last week at her loft in Manhattan – she’s super nice, and I had a blast! It was kind of strange getting to know the personal side of such a public persona… I was so used to seeing her on TV and in magazines that it was funny to walk into her loft and see her running around fluffing pillows and putting out snacks just like anyone else hosting a birthday party.

You studied law at the University of Miami. That is no small thing. How did you manage studying at one of the toughest Law schools in the USA and play and perform as a producer and dj? 

Weekend Rendition: Believe it or not, music was essential to having the stamina and focus to do well in law school. Any type of graduate program is a mental drain. You need something outside of school to balance you out. For me it was music.  Music gave me an escape for an hour or two every day. Playing on the weekends gave me something to look forward to every week - it kept my mind sharp and my body feeling healthy. I don’t think I would have been able to get through school if I didn’t have music and DJ'ing keeping me level.

As you know Fashionado is a Fashion news blog. From a style perspective, what’s trending in your own personal world of Fashion? What brands are you sporting on the decks? And what’s going to be your style of preference now that Festival Season is about to kick off down in Miami for Miami Music Week? 

Noorlind: DJing is all about self-expression, and I believe that what an artist chooses to wear on and off-stage is just as important as the tracks they play.

I’m all about re-interpreting classic menswear pieces in a contemporary way. My go-to outfit when I perform consists of black patent YSL high-tops (pre-Slimane era), black IRO jeans, and a fitted T-shirt – and now that spring is approaching, I like throwing on a cool graphic jacket to break up the color scheme and add some “pop” on stage (I have one from Golden Goose that I love). If I’m feeling fancy, I might go with a black turtleneck and a Luciano Barbera blazer – it all depends!

For me, MMW style is about merging form and function – I need to be able to move and stay cool during the day, but then seamlessly transition to dinner and a nightclub without having to run back to the hotel in-between. White jeans are a warm-weather Miami classic and pair nicely with pastels, or black shoes and a bomber jacket for an edgier going-out look.

What’s next? Are you both going to be working any more collaborations or B2B sets for the summer? Or are you each going to be going on your ways producing music for us to enjoy. What does 2018 have in store for Weekend Rendition and Noorlind? 

Weekend Rendition: 2018 is going to be a big year for both of us. We obviously have our own independent careers, but we enjoy working together and the results have been really good. So yes, there are more collaborations coming down the pipeline. Just this week, we put the final touches on an original that we are both really happy with. We’ll be pushing that record during Miami Music Week and I’m sure you’ll be seeing the release sometime in early spring.     

Noorlind: What he said! I have a really busy year lined up - I’m doing my first European show in Stockholm in two weeks, and have some cool stuff lined up for the summer that I can’t talk about yet... I think this year will be a big one for music in general, and I’m excited to see what kind of boundaries I can push over the coming months.

About The Artists:

Mike Regina (Weekend Rendition) began his music career eight years ago as a student at University of Miami Law, where he balanced his DJ schedule with 70—hour workweeks. Since relocating to New York City and trading in his law office for a recording studio, Weekend Rendition has made waves in the dance community as a producer and remixer. In 2017, he landed his first Beatport Progressive Top 10 track with “Bass Player”, which received full support from several major artists including Fedde Le Grand, and his next single “Your Love” peaked at #17. With a diverse quiver of upcoming releases in his arsenal for 2018 including a few official remixes, we are ready for the Weekend indeed!

Brooklyn-bred DJ/producer Nick Noorlind Rouner (Noorlind) has been rocking the biggest clubs on the East Coat since before he could legally drink. A classically-trained jazz bassist with a degree in international economics and Arabic, Noorlind got his first taste of electronic dance music in high school and instantly knew that he had found his passion. With seven years of experience behind the decks, the 25-year old has already amassed an impressive resume; landing residencies at Marquee & Lavo New York and making appearances at EDC, Life In Color, Echostage, and Wall Miami to name a few. Noorlind regularly performs with some of the biggest names in the business including Galantis, Afrojack, Nervo, & Jauz and is the personal go-to for The Chainsmokers, who tapped him to perform at their debut album release and post-tour after parties this past summer. Now, after spending a year honing his chops at LA’s distinguished production school Icon Collective, Noorlind is taking his dance floor expertise to the studio with a diverse catalogue of productions that will make 2018 his biggest year yet!