Leah Culver electrifies the Imagine Music Festival Mainstage

One of the best, most dynamic sets at Imagine Music Festival was undeniably, Leah Culver's. She gave fans a show! Leah stepped away from the dj table to sing and dance - a true and talented performer on the rise. Leah sat with me to talk about her career and other fun "stuff." She just released a new single, the smash hit anthem, Slow Motion. [We] have video footage of Leah performing this live in the interview clip. And you can listen to it below.

Following the success of her “Where Are U Now” by JACK U and “Taken Back” by Twofold remixes, Leah Culver is back with a new, original release - “Slow Motion” - just in time for the autumn season.

“This song is about the hopeless romantic inside all of us - in slow motion. I wanted to write about what it feels like to be in a relationship that takes us and traps us in time. We all know what it’s like to be with someone we know we have to let go. This song is about those stories, and how it affects us as people.” - Leah Culver on her inspiration behind “Slow Motion”