Raving in Style: 5 Tips for Creating Awesome EDM Concert Outfits

Raving in Style 5 Tips for Creating Awesome EDM Concert Outfits

There are many great parts of going to a rave, besides listening to the music, one of the best parts is creating the perfect EDM outfit to make you stand out. 

You want your outfit to be unique and different from everyone else but you may also want to think about being comfortable because EDM concerts can last a while. 

Keep reading for five tips on creating awesome EDM concert outfits and how to stand out every time. 

1. Neon or Glow in the Dark

One of the best ways to really stand out at an EDM concert is to dress in neon colors. These will pop in the dark and especially if there are flashing lights you will stand out during any rave.

Also adding glow in the dark accessories to any outfit will also help to give your outfit more pop. These accessories will look great at night time when it's dark and the music is bumping. 

2. Small Backpack or Fanny Pack

With whichever outfit you choose, you probably won't have many pockets or space to carry things so a great accessory is a small backpack or fanny pack. You can carry lots of small things inside them and they look cute too!

Fanny packs are really coming back in style especially for EDM raves and concert attire. These are a cute way to carry around your phone, wallet, or keys and make sure you don't lose them. 

3. Sunglasses

No matter whether the EDM concert is in the day or at night, sunglasses are a great accessory to add to any outfit. They make super unique sunglasses and they can also help to protect you from bright lights. 

You're going to be seeing lots of lasers, strobes, colors, and projectors so you may want to shield your eyes from that once in a while. Wearing them on your head will still make your outfit look cute if they are unique sunglasses. 

4. Coordinate With Your Friends

No one wants to go to a rave alone so make sure to invite your friends. You can send them save the date cards so they don't forget about the big rave coming up.

Make sure to get your friends together to coordinate your outfits. Having accessories or outfits that match will make your group stand out and may even help you find each other easier if you get separated. You could also try to get the same clothing pieces but in different colors, so you're original but still match with your group of friends. 

5. Don't Forget the Comfortable Shoes

You've perfected exactly what you're wearing to the upcoming EDM concert but don't forget about footwear. You'll probably be walking around and dancing a lot at an EDM concert so closed-toed shoes are a must. While dancing you might end up bumping into a few people so having close-toed and comfortable shoes will protect your feet from unwanted toe injuries. 

Plus it's difficult to bust out your dance moves in high heels! Wearing comfortable shoes with your EDM concert outfit will make you feel comfortable and give you more confidence to have fun dancing the night away. 

Perfect Your EDM Concert Outfits

Everyone has a different style so it's really up to you to decide on your perfect EDM concert outfits. With these tips, you're sure to find something that fits your style and makes you stand out in the crowd.