Classic Cars & Photos of My Trip to Cuba

I was a little boy when I left Cuba to come to the USA. Even at the young age of five, I already new that my family and I would never return. (So I thought.) Like so many Cubans, I grew up with that mindset. After months of planning,  permission from OFAC in D.C. and a temporary Cuban visa, I traveled back to Cuba after more than four decades last April. My mission: to reunite with my 80 year old father who I hadn't seen since 1970. The outcome: a beautiful, life-changing experience. With the proposed changes to US / Cuba Policy this means that I will continue to enjoy visiting with dad. For me and for many many others, this change is the beginning of hopes, dreams and familial unification. Something that my generation and that of my parents' have longed for... for over 50 years.

In October, I premiered the film I made with Gil Guillama called Finding Dad: Mira... tu Papa. This is a documentary about my first trip back to Cuba and the reunion with my father. Dad is 81 now and every time we speak on the phone he asks when am I going to come see him again. Now I can say, "soon, very soon!"