Cityzen by Azin's Down to Earth Fashion

When genius meets style, the results can be beautiful as in the Citizen by Azin "Down to Earth Fashion" collection. 

Many air passengers gain a new appreciation of the world when viewed from 30,000 feet in the sky. Cityzen by Azin designer Azin Valy uses NASA satellite imagery of cities from around the world printed on the finest fabrics and materials to create women’s and men’s apparel and accessories. The process merges art, culture, geography, fashion and photography into high concept global style.

New York City-based Azin utilizes her award-winning architectural expertise from her previous career to match topographical details in the NASA imagery to specific details on her designs.  The Tiber River curves and forms the neckline of the “Rome” dress. The Zagros mountain range becomes the gathered neckline of the “Teheran” dress. Closer to home, the George Washington Bridge straddles the left and right side of the “New York” dress connecting the New York and New Jersey sides. Other locations include Chicago, Dallas, Miami and Los Angeles. International travelers can experience Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Rio di Janeiro, Cairo, Dhaka, London, Istanbul and many others from an entirely new perspective.

According to Azin, “Cityzen blends the human form with the urban landscape to link people to the places they love the most.” Each item includes a hangtag with a mini-map and travel guide to the hippest places and events in the city represented in the design. In Paris, as an example, the tag recommends visiting the Maison de Verre, one of Corbusier’s greatest houses and hearing Django’s music played at La Chope des Puces.

Cityzen by Azin is available from the Cityzen online shop at and at select specialty stores in Chicago, Pittsburgh, Washington, DC, New York, New Jersey and around the country.