Have a Freixenet Halloween

Freixenet halloween fashionado

Freixenet’s “black cauldron” of bubbles, Cordon Negro Brut is a fabulous addition to your Halloween celebrations. Delightfully decadent and refreshingly bubbly, Cordon Negro Brut is the ideal sparkler to sip while getting ready for the night. Here are some great, grown-up ideas on how you and Freixenet can take your Halloween to the next level:

1.  “Costume-ize your bottle”: Cordon Negro Brut is the perfect party prop!  Grab some girlfriends and gold paint pens (or glow in the dark ones) and host your own “costume-ize your bottle” party - like pumpkin carving without the mess! Mummies, pirates, and witches (oh my!), the possibilities are endless for entertaining this Halloween.  

2. Minis for the win: Also available in personal-sized, 187 ml bottles ($3), these mysterious minis are a no-brainer when it comes to serving. Add festive orange straws and you are all set for a fun-filled evening and free of doing the dishes later.

3. Hauntingly good pairings: Tricks and treats for adults=food and wine pairings. Cordon Negro Brut pairs beautifully with rich foods like Roast Pumpkin Ravioli with Mascarpone or the classic caramel popcorn balls, making it the ultimate spooky sipper this All Hallows Eve.

Try this at home and have a Happy & safe Halloween! (And hey, remember, Freixenet is good year round!!)