Goorin Bros. Hat Shop Atlanta

Hats off to Goorin Bros. for coming to Atlanta and opening the most stylish hat shop in town. Located at the newly opened Ponce City Market, Goorin Bros. has the best, badassery selection of well-made, well-crafted hat wear for men and women.

Hats have always been a fashion staple serving both form and function, but its height in popularity lately is almost unparalleled. From the runway to the streets, everyone is sporting some form of headgear. At Goorin Bros. you'll find a hat for every occasion, every taste and desire  - fedoras, bowlers, flatcaps, floppys and more, all in a variety of colors. The overall decor of the store is extremely inviting as is their "Feather Bar." So what's this? There is a section within Goorin Bros. where you can design your own detailing by choosing the feathers, ribbon and decorative elements for your new Goorin Bros. hat. [see slideshow above] It's amazing!

I'll definitely be picking up a couple of handsome Goorin Bros. hats this season!