Raf Simons Dior and I

I've been writing about Dior and I since before its release and [as usual] I miss every movie and documentary I'm interested in watching. Dior and I came and went and I missed out, until now. Thank you Netflix!

[I finally] watched Dior and I, from the comfort of my sofa, about a week ago and I'm still thinking about it. It moved me. Raf Simons moved me. It makes his departure from Dior last Fall very upsetting [to me] because from the perspective of the film, he was beginning to adjust and Dior was doing quite well with Raf at the helm.

Dior and I takes us on a frenzied journey through the creation of an haute couture collection. But not just any collection - this was Raf Simons' first collection as the artistic director for Christian Dior and his very first couture collection ever. He had only eight weeks to create and produce a collection and runway show where ALL eyes would be on him. This was a very stressful, under-pressure situation for him. Or anyone, really.

One of the most interesting "topics" of the documentary was the question of minimalism. There is a difference between modernity and minimalism; they are not the same. However, coming from Jil Sander, Raf Simons was immediately pegged as a minimalist when all he wanted to do was express a modern approach to a legendary label. Watching and listening to him speak on the topic was an important and revealing part of the film. Suddenly, everything made sense.

The collection itself was stunning but the images, including the ones published by me, did not do justice to the garments. The richness of the textiles and the intensive labor involved are captured well in Dior and I. Also, photos can't compare to watching this collection in high-definition movement. So absolutely exquisite.

It is undeniable that Raf Simons is an enormous talent. I enjoyed watching his creativity unfold and at the same time felt his stress and frustration - something the film did well to convey. By the end of Dior and I, you feel like you know this man. And watching Raf Simons get emotional was very moving indeed. I couldn't help but to cry along with him. Dior and I did an excellent job of conveying his humanity as well.

I urge you to watch Dior and I, or even better, like me, own it! I'll most definitely be watching Dior and I again.