Happy New Year 2016!

e vincent martinez fashionado

I have a pretty optimistic approach to life. Always have. That feeling is always magnified this time of year. "Letting Go" will be my mantra in 2016. I've been embracing the concept for a long while but after turning fifty last November, I decided it's time to put into practice the act of letting go. It's a mindset, that's all.

 This is not a New Year's resolution nor is it meant to foster negativity. Instead, it's all about personal happiness, fulfillment and quality of life. Sure, there will always be some level of stress surrounding us, i.e. work, traffic... but we are the architects of our lives and we're in control of how much influence others have on it. We often try to make others "happy" at the expense of our's. It's OKAY to say "NO."

So I've just shared something personal. But it is something that is within my reach and will make me a happier, better person. What will make you happy? How will you attain it? Make. It. Happen.

[Professionally] I've been laying the groundwork for exciting projects and events in 2016. Expect more content on fashionado this year in fashion, music, art and personal opinion. I'm loving my job as an adjunct professor in fashion at the Art Institute of Atlanta and I'm eager to see where this takes me - for sure NYFW and Charleston Fashion Week! And finally, but certainly not least, Doggies on the Catwalk 2016! Last year's event set the tone with our upscale move to The Shops Buckhead and this year's event, slated for early June, promises to be even more fabulous!

I wish everyone a very happy, healthy and loving new year!