The Oscars Red Carpet 2015

The 2015 Academy Awards red carpet brought all the glitz and glamour that we love. Everyone was so polished, dapper, pretty and chic. I didn't like everything but hated nothing! I loved Reese Witherspoon's Tom Ford dress but didn't care for the hair. Lady Gaga was a stunner in Alaia but the gloves made me thing of "Rock Lobster" for some reason. Lupita dripped in pearls, gorgeous. Julianne Moore came dressed to win. Felicity Jones wore Alexander McQueen and while I absolutely adored the pearl-embellished bodice, I felt there was too much dress happening. Marion Cotillard was so chic and so very French. Scarlett Johansson rocked an edgy hairstyle but I'm not feeling the statement necklace. On the other hand, Cate Blanchett's Tiffany & Co. statement necklace paired with the simplicity of the Margiela gown was a winner. Ponytails ruled the red carpet as well. Dakota Johnson's was youthful as it should be and Jennifer Lopez's was classy and refined. Most of the men looked fantastic too. I'm glad that they are finally being asked who they are wearing - hey it matters! Eddie Redmayne, Common and Neil Patrick Harris (and his one thousand changes) scored and A+ However, David Oyelowo should have not been so matchy-matchy with the red on red on red. This was the Oscars, not high-school prom. Jared Leto is no longer hot. Shave the gross beard! And poor little Kevin Hart, super funny and talented but tacky as fuck. Now, what about Viola Davis! She was so beautiful! I just loved her with the dark lip, natural hair and in Zac Posen.

Well there you have it. Overall, it was a super fantastic Oscar red carpet and a very engaging Academy Awards show from fashion statements to political ones. Make sure and check out the photo gallery and tell me who your faves were!