Broadway Fashion: Tips for How You Can Look Like a Star


The women of Broadway are beautiful, talented and enchanting. The incredible stage make up, hairstyles and costumes are enough to transport you to a magical world. But, this beauty doesn't have to be limited to the stage—there are ways you can be as stunning as your favorite Broadway stars by borrowing some of their favorite beauty secrets.

What Professional Makeup Artists Do

The transformation actresses and actors go through to get into character is a big task, but luckily they have professional help. Makeup artists that work on Broadway productions have a lot of tools in their beauty kits. Makeup designer Angelina Avallone from "Anything Goes" explains that the makeup, sets and costumes need to be appropriate to the time and place of the play. For example, "Anything Goes" is set in the 1930s, so Angelina researched the time period to learn the kind of look the actors needed. Each actress had her own custom colors, foundation and brushes, but she also kept a streamlined look between them all.

Some of Angelina’s favorite products are MAC pigments, MAC Eye Kohl liner and Zoom Waterfast Lash Mascara. She states that the pigments create a “really subtle, beautiful irridescent highlight.” And, the MAC liner is used on the inner lids to open up the eyes and make them seem more sparkly and larger to the audience.

Inspiration From Your Favorite Productions

If you love the outlandish styles from Broadway productions, model your look after your favorite plays. For instance, if you're crazy about the big hair in Hairspray, recreate the style by teasing your hair to look like Tracy, flip out the ends of your hair to look like Amber or blow out your hair to get a giant beehive. Or, if you want a more subtle inspiration, go for pin curls, a bardot ponytail or a hair headband. If you need some help, follow this tutorial from Latest-Hairstyles.

Are you going for a more exotic style? Take your inspiration from Courtney Reed as Jasmine in the Broadway production of "Aladdin." To get some tips, watch her transformation on

But, what's even better than watching tutorials online is seeing your inspiration live. If you are obsessed with a certain play and style, make sure to see it live and soak up the fashion, beauty and glamour.

Transformations From the Stage to the Real World

While Kristin Chenoweth may look like a small, blonde woman, the voice she has inside that little package will blow you away. Whether you’ve seen her on stage in "Wicked" or on shows like "Glee," Kristin Chenoweth is a force in the entertainment industry.

So, how does she keep her beauty routine in check with such a busy schedule? She has a few easy-to-follow hair care tips:

  • Kristin washes her hair every other day with Kérastase (Volumactive) shampoo and conditioner to keep her fine hair healthy.
  • Then, she uses Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with oat milk on days she doesn’t wash her hair.

Another television star that got her start on Broadway is Lea Michele. She recently shared some of her beauty secrets, like how she keeps her hair healthy and alive:

  • She uses L’Oreal Ever Everstyle Smooth and Shine Serum and lets it soak into her hair to keep it from getting damaged.
  • She also uses Evian Mineral Water Spray to keep her skin moisturized.

Broadway stars are just like you, and they have their own beauty routines to keep their skin and hair healthy. Use their secrets to shine as bright and beautiful as if you were on stage.