Top Athleisure Trends of 2019

Top Athleisure Trends of 2019

In the fashion world, trends come and go in a New York minute. However, one craze that continues to stand the test of time is athleisure. It has certainly come a long way since it was first introduced in 1998, when Canadian brand Lululemon launched their first pair of Boogie Pants. Fast-forward to 2019, and many retailers have claimed their slice of the athleisure pie. Now, brands both old and new have turned it into the billion-dollar industry it is today.
It's no surprise that athleisure is only predicted to get bigger from here on out. With that in mind, here are some trends driving the industry's growth in 2019.


Fashion is one of the leading contributors of pollution, coming only second to the oil industry. As such, the industry is starting to take notice — from the high streets of Paris Fashion Week, to the racks of your local H&M. Activewear, in particular, is guilty of producing stretchy fabrics made from synthetic materials. Fortunately, there are new players on the market who are setting the standard for ethical production. One such brand is Girlfriend Collective, which uses recycled plastic fabrics to make their apparel. Moreover, they encourage transparency by disclosing details about their manufacturing processes and factories. In turn, this poses a challenge to other existing activewear brands to re-think their own methods.

Body Positivity

Body Positivity

For the longest time, the face of activewear has been a bunch of slender athletes with six-pack abs. As a result, plus-sized customers are often left out of the conversation and left with the stereotype that only fit people can exercise. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Thankfully, Outdoor Voices' range of leggings and sports bras boast extended sizing. On top of this, they are also changing the narrative by highlighting curvier models in their campaigns. Unsurprisingly, more brands are starting to follow suit — even the likes of Nike and Adidas.


Couture-casual Mix-up
The fresh wave of athleisure isn't limited to sneakers and leggings. Now, people are mixing both couture and gym clothes. For instance, Carbon38 Takara's biker shorts are commonly paired with coats, jewelry, or even heels. This unique combination can really create a well-balanced look that is chic and still comfortable. And while you wouldn’t wear it during a weights session at the gym, this twill jacket by Woman Within is perfect for covering up after a yoga class or a barre session. Lightweight and easy to throw on, it’s another testament to athleisure’s laidback and versatile nature.

Performance wear

Performance Wear

Lycra, spandex, and MicroModal are familiar fabrics when it comes to activewear. But today, there is a new generation of sweat-wicking and compressing fibers designed to support peak performance. For instance, Under Armour's Athlete Recovery Track Suit is made with mineral-lined fabric that reflects infrared light back to the body, thus helping muscles recover faster. And true to athleisure's nature, the clothes are designed to look super sleek.

Athleisure makeup

Athleisure Makeup

In line with looking good while working out, even beauty companies have started to create their own lines of workout-friendly makeup. While it’s always best to exercise wearing as little makeup a possible, new products like waterproof cosmetics can withstand sweat and keep you looking fresh. CliniqueFIT's waterproof foundation, for example, creates a natural-looking matte finish with added sun protection to make those workout selfies look better than ever.
Like we said, the athleisure movement shows no signs of slowing down. Until fashion can create something equally comfortable and effortlessly stylish, people are sure to keep riding this bandwagon for years to come.



The Couture FW19 collection presents a hidden, dark, darkly romantic spring with a Gothic touch. Inspired by the stories of Edgar Allan Poe and the illustrations by Harry Clarke and Aubrey Beardsley, the colorful characteristic of the brand gives way to a black and white that are fused and contrasted in forms that are reminiscent of the decorative arts of the late nineteenth century and early twentieth.

Along with Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts, the other most important influence of the creative director Yolanda Pérez are the decades of the 60s and 70s of the 20th century. The black and white binomial of the collection has its point in common with the op art of the 60s, being the graphics of the French designer Louis Féraud a reference point in conceiving and creating the ornamentations of the pieces of the collection with abundant embroideries and hand-sewn rhinestones.

Among the collaborators, Yolancris has worked with Roselinde's jewelry. The light of the Canary Islands and its natural landscapes are the greatest inspiration of Ros Jiménez, owner and designer of the brand. The House also collaborated with British  footwear brand Sophia Webster. Hair and makeup was coordinated by Marcello Costa and his team, PR and management of the show was done by Totem Fashion and the consulting by Mabel Gago.


UNOde50 - A Creative Universe comes to Atlanta

A Spanish brand of handcrafted jewelry whose hallmark is its unique and distinctive design, UNOde50 was founded in the late 1990s by a group of creative artists who resolved to create a fashion jewelry brand that would break all existing molds. Designing pieces in their own unique style, the brand soon became known for its innovative and trendsetting approach. UNOde50 was launched with the original and exclusive philosophy of creating 50 of each design, giving rise to the brand name. After being acquired by arbiter of design, José Azulay, what followed was a revolution in which the techniques and processes of traditional jewelry-making were replaced by a newly cultivated process of creating characteristic jewelry with decidedly original designs.

As part of the commitment, UNO constructs and manufactures its products at the headquarters in Madrid. The element of “Made in Spain,” the personality and Spanish DNA of each UNOde50 piece are guarantees of the quality and assurance transmitted by a work of creativity that is full of vitality, optimism and a zest for life. A brand that doesn’t settle for conform, the collection of iconic pieces continues to grow, accumulating history and passion along the way. In the process of experimentation, the use of new materials and combinations helps advance, improve, evolve, with the same desire to create jewelry that is daring and individual. 

Edgy and before its time, each piece is a work of art, a distinctive piece with a voice that conveys strength and energy. Created, organic designs based on forms found in nature, UNOde50 jewelry is inspired by emotions that trigger unique sensations and take pride in being perfectly imperfect, brave, and able to evoke a suggestive and stimulating universe of feeling. Each of its pieces are unmistakable thanks to the use of a proprietary alloy that respects the artisanal nature of the manufacturing process. In addition to leather, crystals and pearls, the alloy used by the brand is one of its distinguishing features. An iconography that is embodied in the two collections UNOde50 launches each year, the alloy covers organic designs inspired by everyday objects and natural forms.

Not only creating pieces specific for men and women, the Madrid-born jewelry brand known for its bold, creative handcrafted designs, has also recently launched Genderless by UNOde50.  A new, gender neutral collection that symbolizes the strongest unions, embraces gender equality, and reaffirms freedom of expression.  Genderless by UNOde50 is a statement of “Love Has No Rules.” Love should always be celebrated and never judged.  Love is genderless. Unisex pieces have always been a part of UNOde50’s brand DNA. The new collection, consisting of eight curated bracelet sets, provides a sleek modern look for loved ones to express their unity. The bracelet combinations, inspired by UNOde50’s most iconic designs offer unique styles in gold and silver, with select styles juxtaposed with genuine leather. Genderless by UNOde50 celebrates love, empowerment, and being true to oneself. This nonconformist and visionary spirit has always been a part of UNOde50’s core values. 


How to Achieve 'Understated Elegance' in 3 Simple Steps


Trends are constantly evolving and fashions come and go. What is considered ‘in’ one season can most certainly be ‘out’ the next. One style, however, that never goes out of date and that seems to transcend all others is that of understated elegance. This is a tricky style to master however. We can recognize it when we see it but it can be very difficult to know how to create it ourselves. If you're looking to inject a little more elegance into your wardrobe, then follow our three simple tips on how to do just that.

Your Wardrobe

When trying to create any look, the best place to start is always with your wardrobe. Clothes that are elegant are generally the simple, classic and well-fitted items in your wardrobe. This makes creating elegant outfits reasonably easy to put together as classic and simple items are very good for mixing and matching. Therefore, you are going to want to be rummaging through your wardrobe for items like fitted blazers, of which royal, navy blue is a very chic and smart color for a blazer, as is cream, which unfortunately is a little less practical, so better left for special occasions.

Deck shoes and ballet pumps look fantastic with nautical stripes and fitted khaki trousers or pipe leg jeans. These types of items work well for elegant, smart yet understated day outfits. When it comes to creating elegant evening outfits then you want to be thinking about flowing, soft and romantic lines and materials. Floaty chiffon tops with spaghetti straps work really well with trousers or jeans paired with delicate heels. Wide-legged trousers are a really good look for the evening and work well in a monochromeatic style with blocked, matching colors on top. A-line dresses are very simple yet elegant and look extremely feminine with soft cardigans and flat pumps.

So look for items such as these in your wardrobe as your staple elegant pieces and start to add your accessories from there.


It has never been easier to find accessories for all occasions these days. As jewelry and accessories come in all shapes and sizes, it is now very affordable and easy to change and mix up our style on a regular basis. That is certainly true when it comes to creating a more elegant twist to your outfit. Look for jewelers such as Roma designer jewelry for some inspiration on elegant jewelry options. From pearl and diamond earrings, all the way through to elegant silver bracelets, pendant necklaces and the type of jewelry that would really set off your outfit.

Final Touches

No outfit is complete without a little grooming of the hair and a little preening of the face. The key of elegant hair and makeup is ‘less is more’ so keeping make-up natural and hair neat and tidy is a good place to start. Go for a matte, flawless foundation, pop a subtle blush of  color to your cheeks, focus on neat and well defined eyebrows, a slick of mascara and finish off with a dash of shiny, nude lip gloss. And there you are, elegant, classy and ready to  go.


Tim Gunn Surprises Crowd with Major Project Runway Announcement

This past Sunday, Project Runway host and mentor, Tim Gunn, surprised an audience of 6,000 Avon Beauty Bosses (independent sales Reps) in Nashville at their annual RepFest Convention to announce a key partnership for the upcoming season.

Avon will serve as the official beauty sponsor for Lifetime’s critically-acclaimed and Emmy nominated design competition series for season 16. Gunn was on hand to share details about the partnership, including how Avon will be releasing behind-the-scenes content on the brand’s social channels to help viewers create "runway to reality" looks at home. With a team led by makeup artist Hector Simancas, Avon will be creating the makeup look on models helping to bring the contestants' visions to life. 

“Avon is legendary in the beauty world,” said Gunn during his remarks. “It is a brand that embodies the values of freedom, inspiration and empowerment, which are core to Project Runway’s mission of inspiring up-and-coming fashion entrepreneurs. We can’t wait to debut Avon beauty on our catwalk, with simply stunning and wildly creative applications that perfect each designer look. Get ready to tune-in to another exciting season, and learn how to replicate each runway-inspired look with Avon!”


A-Line Afros at Carlos Campos NYFW: Men’s S/S 2018

carlos campos nyfwm fashionado

At New York Fashion Week: Men’s S/S 2018 Lead Hairstylist, T. Cooper of Metro Look, and her team were sponsored by ECRU New York and Wahl Professional to create tight Afro textured looks for the Carlos Campos show at IMG’s Fashion Week partner venue, Skylight Clarkson Sq. Carlos Campos is a celebrated menswear designer from Honduras. In 2007, he launched his namesake brand, Carlos Campos New York. The brand’s modern take on “classic American style… with a Latin twist” immediately earned him the respect and accolades of the US and Latin American fashion communities.

Carlos Campos NYFW: Men’s S/S 2018

Cooper called the hairstyle the “A-Line Afro” and it was created by using ECRU products Defining Styling Potion, Dry Wax, and Acai Protein Oil. “Upon discussing the inspiration with Carlos, he let me know that this collection was all about strong lines. A lot of the models had natural hair, and he wanted to keep the texture, but didn’t want a big, round Afro to take away from the shape of the clothes. We decided to keep the hair fuller on top and much
tighter on the sides.” Cooper explained. After the cleaned up the hairline, sideburns, and facial hair with a Wahl Beret trimmer, the stylists saturated the models’ hair with Defining Styling Potion to eliminate frizz. The stylists then blow dried the models’ hair, while simultaneously rubbing it in a circular motion with their fingers to form tight coils. For models with longer hair on the sides, the stylists either brushed the sides and applied Dry Wax for hold, or pinned the hair back in a mohawk shape (depending on length). Finally, Acai Protein Oil was patted onto the Afros to add a hint of shine. “The diversity of the ECRU line, really allowed us to create texture on models with
different curl patterns beautifully!” said Cooper.


Wet Natural Textured Hair at BENCH/Body NYFW: Men’s S/S 2018

During New York Fashion Week: Men’s S/S 2017 at the ultra-trendy Meatpacking District venue, Industria, Lead Hairstylist, T. Cooper of Metro Look, and her team were sponsored by ECRU New York and Conair to create wet natural textured hairstyles for the BENCH/Body show. BENCH/Body is the market leader for underwear in the Philippines. They carry a wide range of premium quality undergarments including basic, trendy, and sexy at affordable prices.

Cooper named the style the “Au Naturale” and it was created using the ECRU New York products: Rejuvenating Moisture Mist, Silk Nectar Serum, and Sunlight Styling Spray. “Once I saw the models that were going to be in the show, I knew that I wanted to embrace their natural hair texture. BENCH Body casted a lot of models with the best curls that you’ve ever seen in your life!” said Cooper.  The stylists sprayed the models’ hair with Rejuvenating Moisture Mist to hydrate and eliminate frizz from curls and waves. They then dried the hair from underneath with a diffuser to form curls and waves. The curls were then defined with a Conair Infinity Pro curling iron. Next, the models had Silk Nectar Serum applied generously to the hair for illusion of wet hair. Finally Sunlight Spray was used to keep the style’s shape. “The ECRU New York products worked perfectly for enhancing the models’ texture.” says Cooper.