Sip on Love this Valentine's Day with {Pink} Cocktails

Set the mood this Valentine’s Day with delicious, festive and easy to whip up cocktails from LiDestri Spirit’s Pink Limoncello and The Ice Cream Bar. Here are the recipes for these blissful bubblies for you to toast to a romantic night or to share with your girlfriends at a singles soirée. (From L-R):

Pink Passion: 
1 part chilled LiDestri Pink Limoncello 
2 parts cranberry juice 
Served on the rocks and topped off with 7up. 

Pink Limoncello 
Shaken with gin or Vodka

First Kiss: 
1 part chilled LiDestri Pink Limoncello 
2 parts sparkling wine garnished with fresh berries
served in a champagne flute

The Ice Cream Bar’s Peach Lady 
1 oz Peach Lambic Ice Cream
.5oz Raspberry Liqueur (substitute with any berry liqueur)
4oz dry champagne or prosecco

Directions Peach Lady: Pour raspberry liqueur into bottom of chilled flute glass. Pour champagne in halfway, letting bubbles settle. Drop in 1 scoop of Peach Lambic. Serve immediately and watch the magic happen.