Jared Leto Goes Platinum Blonde

Jared Leto made headlines a few days ago when he cut off the ombre and shaved the bushy beard. I thought, "damn, Jared Leto read my Oscars red carpet recap!" But actually, reports came out that he is prepping for the role of Joker in the Suicide Squad.

Just a few hours ago, Jared Leto made headlines again. The man knows how to make a change, that's for sure. Do blonde's really have more fun? Well, when you're a bleached blonde Jared Leto and trending on Twitter, I'd say fuck yeah. He sported a sexy and almost unrecognizable new look in Paris at the Balmain runway show at Paris Fashion Week. References like "pretty boy" and a likeness to Uncle Karl are already being tossed around. Call it what you like, I'll stick with smoking' hot MF. 

BTW, Jared Leto upstaged Kim Kardashian who also unveiled a platinum do as well. They were both at Balmain. Sorry Kim, you can't compete with an Oscar winner.