ASPIRE Eyewear - Trendsetting through #NYFWM & Beyond


The philosophy of aspiring to transcend is integrated by the label beyond its use of advanced technologies. The question Aspire Eyewear branding asks the eyeglass wearer is: Who Do You Aspire To Be? That message is carefully articulated in personality-driven product designed for both men and women. The brand referenced popular trends, classic motifs, and advanced architectural aesthetics to appeal to different personality types when designing its initial collection of 12 styles for men and women, as well as three sunglasses styles. Each of the 36 frames and 5 temple designs in the collection are detachable, giving the wearer the opportunity to further personalize their own eyewear.

I remember my first pair of glasses... or I should say, I've tried to forget! Of course, back then, eyewear wasn't cool or stylish as it is today. Fashion forward brands like Aspire have taken into heavy consideration that eyewear must serve form as well as function. Aspire's cutting edge style and design make them very desirable to trendsetting men and women.

“There is a lot of interest these days in wearable technology,” said Peter Friedfeld, Executive Vice President, ClearVision Optical. “But from a practical standpoint, the core issues related to eyewear for consumers remain design and wearability. Most people wear their glasses every day, all day. And the pair they choose to wear in many ways comes to define their personality. We felt that the average eyewear frame today was bulky and not up to the aesthetic and performance standards of other accessories that consumers use daily. We invested in developing the SDN-4 technology and advanced 3-D printing capabilities so that we could change that and bring a product to market that "aspires‟ to keep up with today's consumer. Aspire eyewear is truly wearable technology.”

So whether you're hop-trotting through New York Fashion Week or simply care to remain stylish daily, Aspire Eyewear is calling your name. Visit ClearVision Optical and view the entire Aspire Eyewear Collection.