The Discovery Trekking Extreme Ultralite Travel Towel

travel towel discovery

You may be wondering why you should bring along your own towel if you plan to stay in hotels this summer. Simple! The Discovery Trekking Extreme Ultralite towel is different. Its a towel, a travel blanket, a sun-protective sarong, and much more!

This silky towel takes almost no room, but provides a lot of use.  Going to the beach and the pool? No problem! Your towel will dry FAST so it’s ready to go when you are. The Extreme Ultralite towel also functions as a sarong or swimsuit cover, so you can bring it along in style and then use it to dry off after your swim.

If your fun in the sun includes sand this summer, the Extreme Ultralite towel is the perfect choice. Since it doesn’t attract sand like other towels, you don’t have to worry about trekking grains through your hotel room or vacation rental. Whether your travel plans include workouts, running, or just hanging by the pool your Extreme Ultralite towel is the perfect companion. While you travel, it makes a lovely blanket to keep you or your kids comfortable as you head to your fun destination. 

With so many uses for your Discover Trekking Exteme Ultralite towel, the real question is why wouldn’t you bring it along? For more information, please visit