An Exclusive First Look of the 2015 Jeffrey Fashion Cares Runway Fashion

"... people should expect to see fashion with a capital F," Jeffrey Kalinsky

As a fashion blogger, it was beyond everything fabulous to have the opportunity to browse through all the designer looks slated to take the Jeffrey Fashion Cares runway this upcoming Monday, August 31st. Remember the "fashion closet" in The Devil Wears Prada, it felt something like that! So what could be better than this? How about chatting it up with the man of the hour himself, Jeffrey Kalinsky at Jeffrey Atlanta at Phipps Plaza, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary. 

"Everyone can expect to see very pretty clothes, but also people should expect to see fashion with a capital F" said Jeffrey about Monday night's 23rd Annual Jeffrey Fashion Cares runway show.

Dior, Dries Van Noten, Proenza Schouler and so many other amazing labels will be featured in what promises to be the hottest fashion ticket in town. [At the moment] the backroom at Jeffrey Atlanta is a fashion fantasy of high end designer sequins, textures, prints, pattern and vibrant color. AND don't even get me started on the SHOES!

It was such a treat to observe Jeffrey in action. He, along with his NY dream team would look at the model head to toe, discuss and tweak. They were very focused. Change out a blouse here, different pair of earrings there - the look was complete when perfection was achieved. Throughout the entire process, Jeffrey was very calm, relaxed and dancing to the remixed beats of their DJ in between fittings. [Thanks for the great photos Tomas Espinoza!]

Monday will be epic.

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