House of DVF Season 2 starts Tonight!


House of DVF Season 2 premieres September 13th on E! Tune in to see who has what it takes to become the next DVF Global Brand Ambassador.

I confess that I questioned the validity of this show (Season 1) and after watching the first episode of House of DVF I was left wondering WHY??? Why is Diane von Furstenberg doing this? I gave the second episode a chance and got sucked into the entire season. While some of the candidates for DVF brand ambassador may lack substance, Diane von Furstenberg had me under her spell. She has for many many years. Diane von Furstenberg is just so wonderfully captivating and inspiring. So with that said, will I be tuning in to season 2 which premieres tonight on E!?... YOU BET!

The "challenges" the DVF team present the candidates are legit, just to be clear. But this is television and as we know, ratings rule, so enter the low-informed, self-centered brand ambassador hopefuls to deliver all the drama that we've come to crave. And I'm sure there will be plenty of that. If it's any consolation, some of the drama is real and not scripted. For example, the animosity between Brand Ambassador winner Brittany Hampton and DVF Style Editor Jessica Joffe is very real and continued even after the show ended.

Tune into E! tonight for the season premiere of House of DVF!! (I'm looking forward to it... I believe it's going to be good season!)