Golden Globes 2016 Fashion Recap

The kick-off to award season also means the start of red carpet fashion. Last night's Golden Globes had more fashion hits than misses, so overall, I'd say we're off to a good start! Jennifer Lawrence looked red hot in Dior and sporting a lighter shade of blonde. She is really coming into her own on the fashion front. Jennifer Lopez, stepped outside her comfort zone and embraced a mustard-yellow Giambattista Valli gown. She was stunning. Perfection from head-to-toe, so before all the haters start [or continue] to comment on JLo... check your personal insecurities at the door. Julianne Moore is always flawless and in Tom Ford, so would you. Alicia Vikander made Loius Vuitton proud and Lady Gaga was sophisticated in Versace.

The unfortunates of the evening, just to name a few+, because there were more than a few, were Zendaya, Bryce Dallas Howard, Maura Tierney, Katy Pery and Kate Hudson.

Zendaya is nothing more than a spoiled little girl playing dress up in women's clothing. Go away.

Bryce Dallas Howard bragged about shopping for her Jenny Packham at Neimans. Jenny must have been horrified at how frumpy she made her frock look. Bryce argued that as a size six she wanted choices... bitch please, you've got daddy money and can afford to have any designer dress you. Bryce look better in her Jurassic World white suit running through the mud and being chased by dinosaurs than she did on the red carpet in her old lady dress.

Kate Hudson must be going through a mid-life crisis because she looked like an old hooker. I mean, cougar. An old cougar. Cover up!

And speaking of covering up... Katy Pery had too much hair and too much 'Globes'... Did Prada run out of fabric? 

But, the worst of the worst goes to Maura Tierney. Did you notice that no one bothered asking who dressed her? Goodwill? Salvation Army thrift stores? And what about that hair?? Ladies, you know when you go to the gym and you pull up your hair to get it out of the way? 

View the photos above to see my picks.