Atlanta Ballet's Moulin Rouge - The Ballet

atlanta ballet moulin rouge

Cancan your way to the Atlanta Ballet's Moulin Rouge this week at the Cobb Energy Centre because you will love it. And while you won't see the dancers breaking out in song, like in the movie, you will experience the most dynamic, romantic and spectacular dancing in the city, including the cancan! The Atlanta Ballet does an excellent job of laying out the scene: Paris, turn of the century, bohemian, artistic and poetic. There was excess in living and loving. [As always] the set is incredibly executed and the live orchestra is beyond fabulous. But back to the dancing... you'll get lost in the moment. The tango scene will seduce you and the closing scene will make you cry. 

Opening night received a well-earned standing ovation. Moulin Rouge - The Ballet closes this Saturday Feb. 13, so visit the Atlanta Ballet website for tickets!