FEE DAN Paris Fashion Week 2016

Fee Dan has combined everything women like in their daily lives one collection. Fee Dan is not afraid of color and her graceful character caters her collection to women who exhibit their fun yet sophisticated side. She harmonizes "oriental breezes" with clear lines and forms a modern touch.

The young designer of the brand, Fidan Alakbarli, has come forward with her love of pattern yet again for Fall 16/17 collection which is titled Oriental Breezes. The far east hand fan patterns in her designs are key elements to the collection. The main colors are lively hues of green and violet paired with somber tones of camel. For the first time, Fee Dan has designed fur coats and the rich fur is also featured on the cuffs of blouses and pockets of wool coats. There is an edgy use of green leather across the bodice of a black jumpsuit and there's a slight rocker vibe when the leather resurfaces in a bike jacket.