In the Name of Gucci: A Memoir, by Patricia Gucci

"There were always so many unanswered questions about my childhood; in fact, until recently it was just one big black hole." Patricia Gucci

I have just started reading In the Name of Gucci: A Memoir, by Patricia Gucci and I wanted to tell you about it right away - it's that good! 

Patricia Gucci was the love child of Aldo Gucci and Bruna - the woman he fell in love with at just eighteen years old. It took a lifetime for all of the family secrets to be revealed as to Patricia's rightful place within the Gucci dynasty. She was born at a time when having a child out of wedlock, via an extramarital affair, was considered a crime punishable by imprisonment, hence the secrecy.

At the end of Aldo's life, it was Patricia, the product of a fifty-year love affair, who sat by her father's deathbed - the only member of the Gucci family who did.

This is a synopsis of the book:

In the Name of Gucci: A Memoir, by Patricia Gucci is the first book written by a direct descendant of Guccio Gucci—Patricia’s grandfather and the company’s founder.  It chronicles her life as the secret love child of Aldo Gucci and Bruna—the woman he fell in love with when she was just eighteen.  Woven throughout the book is the relationship between Aldo and Patricia Gucci, the first woman in the family to be elected to the Gucci board of directors and his sole universal heir.

This is a daughter's bittersweet tribute to her beloved father, traces Aldo Gucci's marketing brilliance and stamina in establishing Gucci as one of the world's most iconic brands. 

He was the first Italian to set up a luxury goods retail operation in the US, opening on Fifth Avenue in New York, Worth Avenue in Palm Beach and Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, paving the way for the 'Made in Italy' phenomenon throughout the world for countless others to follow in his footsteps.